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KNIS Meteorite Made in Japan Automatic Watch Men's Leather Strap Leather Black KN001-MTBKLE

KNIS Meteorite Made in Japan Automatic Watch Men's Leather Strap Leather Black KN001-MTBKLE

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Description of item

Movement: Mechanical automatic winding (manufactured by MIYOTA)
Waterproof performance: 10ATM (10 ATM waterproof)
screw back
See-through back
D buckle
Country of manufacture: Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
Case diameter: Approximately 38mm Case thickness: Approximately 12mm
Belt lug width: 20mm Arm circumference: Maximum 21cm Body weight: Approx. 73g
Case: Stainless steel Dial: Meteorite (Muoninalusta meteorite)
Windshield: Sapphire glass Belt: Genuine leather
KNIS genuine box manual and warranty Warranty period: 1 year

KNIS Meteorite Dial Watch

A Japanese-made wristwatch whose dial is made of meteorite that came from space.
It has been chemically elucidated that the beautiful mysterious network pattern that is characteristic of meteorite cannot be reproduced on Earth because it takes about 1 million years or more under special conditions (in space).
Meteorite, which reveals mysterious patterns, radiates beauty that has been carved over a million years.
Its beauty is a supreme piece that is full of charm and makes you feel as if you have a microcosm in your hands.

What is meteorite?

A general term for meteorites that came to Earth from space, and are characterized by a special mesh pattern (Widmanstätten structure).
No two pieces with this mysterious pattern are the same, and each item is a one-of-a-kind item that will tickle the man's heart.
As a stone that receives information from the universe, it is said to have strong energy such as ``truth, eternity, the providence of nature, and the ideals of God,'' and has been an object of worship and a sacred stone since ancient times.
It is said to have the effect of bringing out the potential of the person who holds it, and is also a power stone that contains hidden cosmic energy.
*The surface pattern unique to meteorite differs from product to product.
Please note that the actual product may differ slightly from the published image.

Uses the rare and valuable Muoninalusta meteorite.
The Muoninarsta meteorite used by KNIS is a meteorite whose Widmanstätten structure (geometric patterns appearing on the surface) can be observed very beautifully.As it is produced within the Arctic Circle, the amount of distribution is limited due to the difficulty of excavation. It is known for being very rare. Therefore, it goes without saying that the rarity value is quite high.

The movement is made by Citizen MIYOTA.

The use of a Japanese-made movement with high precision and reliability reflects the brand concept of wanting the product to be used for many years to come. In the unlikely event that a movement malfunction occurs, it is easy to secure parts and you can rest assured about the after-sales service.

Adopts sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is a highly pure and sophisticated glass used for the windshield of luxury watches and for optical experiments. Its excellent transparency makes the dial easier to see, and it is much more scratch resistant than mineral crystal glass.

High quality genuine leather belt

The belt is made of high-quality genuine cowhide leather with a crocodile pattern. As you use it, it will become more flavorful.

Practical and high quality D buckle strap

The double door type D buckle has a beautiful appearance and a luxurious feel. Equipped with a D buckle, which is only used on leather straps for luxury watches, minimizes damage to the strap when putting it on and taking it off, and prevents it from slipping off.

Case size is 38mm

We selected a 38mm case diameter, opting for a smaller size compared to many brands that offer models with larger faces. Our emphasis was on achieving a balanced design, ensuring the dial is neither too large nor too small while maintaining a strong presence.

Achieving an expensive Meteorite watch for less than 100,000 yen

There are models from Swiss luxury watch brands that use meteorite on the dial.
Most of them are luxury watches that cost several million yen or more.
KNIS has made the expensive Meteorite watch available at a price of less than 100,000 yen.
Moreover, it is equipped with a Japanese-made mechanical movement, a high-quality genuine cowhide leather band D buckle, and a sapphire glass.
High cost performance is also a major attraction of this model.



KNIS is particular about not only the movement but also the assembly of the watch in Japan. The quality of "Made in Japan" is a brand that can be proud to the world. You can rest assured that we will provide after-sales follow-up after your purchase.

High cost performance

The KNIS watch uses a SPA business model

By using this business model we go straight from factory to online stores cutting out the middle men, and reducing the costs.


A box that exudes luxury and perfection

For a high quality watch, a box of similar standard is also needed.
When you open the box that has been stamped with the brand logo, you will find a small leather imprinted box that contains the watch.
Inside this leather imprinted box is a velour box that the watch sit elegantly inside.
This makes it perfect for giving as a gift as is!

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